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The Hudson Valley Writer's Center and Jennifer Franklin will host Max as a featured reader. He will be introduced by Timothy Donnelly, his Columbia MFA Thesis Advisor. Readings will come from AEONS, from his new MS "Four Reincarnations" and the tone will be at turns dramatic or comic, but always engaging and energetic--no Poetry Voice. 

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The Free and Natural Poetry Faire
to Nov 21

The Free and Natural Poetry Faire

  • Commonwealth & Council (map)
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The Free & Natural Poetry Faire is a gala of poetry, art, and arcana taking place in Los Angeles on November 20th and 21st, 2015. It is our belief that poetry itself is by its nature transdisciplinary, and, to that end, the Faire will create a collaborative and unrestrained space where poetry will coexist for two days with many other art and knowledge forms. The Faire will be held at the gallery Commonwealth & Council in LA’s Koreatown (3006 W 7th St. #220), and will be followed by an after party at a to-be-announced location on Saturday the 21st. True to its name, the Free & Natural Poetry Faire is free and open to the public. This will be the first of a series of Free & Natural Poetry events.


Micah Ballard ♥ Ari Banias ♥ Melissa Broder ♥ Gabrielle Calvocoressi ♥ Jennifer Cheng ♥ Matthew Dickman ♥ Kate Durbin ♥ “Tall” Paul Gellman ♥ Stuart Krimko ♥ Aaron Kunin ♥ Kenji Liu ♥ Manuel Paul López ♥ Mia Ayumi Malhotra ♥ Anthony McCann ♥ Jane Mead ♥ Feliz Lucia Molina ♥ Fred Moten ♥ Diana Khoi Nguyen ♥ Ben Segal ♥ Cedar Sigo ♥ Kirsty Singer ♥ Mark So ♥ Amber Rose Tamblyn ♥ Julia Clare Tillinghast

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