See below for a selection of Max's published poetry.


Milkweed Editions
Four Reincarnations

Poetry Society of America


The New Yorker
Poem to My Litter, (short animation on WNYC)

Poetry Magazine
The Big Loser
Dawn of Man

Boy Goes to War
The Soundscape of Life Is Charred by Tiny Bonfires
The Hope Chest
The TV Then Spoke of a Plague Afflicting the Machines

Boston Review
Seven Poems, (short animation of "Afternoon" on WNYC) :
   Poem about You Being Perfect and Me Being Afraid
   Radiation in New Jersey, Convalescence in New York
   The Senses
   Black Bulls
   Anatomic and Hydraulic Chastity

Three Poems
   Nobody Asked Anything
   Quiet Romance

The Yale Review
Living It Up

Name My Time of Death and See What I Do to You


Touching the Floor

The Iowa Review
Poem Set in the Day and in the Night

Leisure-Loving Man Suffers Untimely Death

Dinner in Los Angeles, Raining in July

Parnassus Poetry in Review
The Final Voicemails / Down with the Landlord

Self Portrait as Jesus / Earthquake Country Before Final Chemotherapy

The Glass Door

Literary Hub
The End

Aunt Fire

The Curve

Mommy Harangues Poor Randal / To Randal, Crow-Stealer, Lord of the Greenhouse

First Act of Self Adoration / Funeral Barge for the Supervising Engineer / The Conqueror / My Chair / Centaur Music

Send a Search Party / First Snowfall / A Final Walk with my Nephew

Giving her 100%

Poetry Northwest
Plush Bunny / For Crow

Uncle Needle / December 29 (print only)

Saint Anne's Review
Sky-Sex Dreams of Randal (print only)

Time / My New Friend

Holding Hands / Mom

The Journal
The Blimp

Los Angeles Review of Books (print only)
Poem to My Dog, Monday, On Night I Accidentally Ate Meat

Best American Poetry

The Grief Diaries
The Extra

Your Next Date Alone

My Bathtub Pal

Love Poem for Hera

To The Hands of My Painter

Yale Literary Magazine
Mount MyShrinks

 Postcards from Mount Blanc 


His Majesty the Baby Literary Magazine
Randal and His Limitations